Greenhouse Engineering and Consulting

Looking for greenhouse design consulting? We bring our years of specialized greenhouse expertise to the design process for both new and retrofitted facilities. Your project may require greenhouse design services including the structure and glazing, mechanical, electrical and control systems, lighting, shading, ventilation, air conditioning, fogging, hydroponics, irrigation, fertigation, and mechanization of the greenhouse system. Our team works with you, other stakeholders, and other design team members early in the design process to determine the correct programming of the space. We then work with you to design and specify a complete system for growing your plants or other biological agents. 

Gregg D. Short Head Shot

The engineers at, LLC have extensive hands on experience working in the greenhouse industry including multiple greenhouse manufacturing and system supply companies. They know and are known by many of the major structure and equipment vendors and have experience with estimating and specifying the best equipment for your project. Unlike some design teams, we are independent of the manufacturers and work directly for our clients. This enables us to specify the broadest line of products, producing the most competitive bids for your project

The principle engineer at, LLC is Gregg D. Short PE, a Registered Professional Engineer.  He is currently registered in the following states as of 7/31/17:

  • Colorado (PE.0052108)
  • Illinois (#062.064780)
  • Michigan (#6201060213)
  • Nebraska (E-16181)
  • New York (#090447)
  • Ohio (#63254) (Home State Licensure)
  • Oklahoma (#29427)
  • Oregon (#92352PE)
  • Texas (#125920)
  • Utah (#10457473-2202)
  • Washington DC (PE 907582)

Application Pending:

  • Massachusetts

He also holds an expired licenses that can be quickly renewed for your projects in these states:

  • Connecticut (#29236)
  • Indiana (PE11600146)
  • Minnesota (#53289)
  • Missouri (PE-2014027254)


 With an active NCEES record, and depending on the project scope and timing, registration in other states is available.  We maintain a $1 M per claim/ $2 M annual aggregate professional liability (Errors & omissions) insurance policy.

Gregg has a B. S. in Agricultural Engineering from The Ohio State University and over 20 years experience in the greenhouse and nursery business including employment at Rough Brothers Inc, and CropKing Inc. Pdf of Gregg D. Short's Resume

On larger projects, we partner with two other greenhouse design firms.  Alex Turkewitsch, P. Eng has almost 40 years of greenhouse experience specializing in institutional and research greenhouses.  Bruno Faucher, P. Eng has over 20 years of greenhouse experience and specializes in greenhouse specifications, LEED and other project documentation. Together our backgrounds form one of the most extensive collection of greenhouse engineering talent in the industry.

Areas of Expertise

  • Greenhouse Site Layouts
  • Institutional and Research Greenhouses
  • Biological Containment Greenhouse Compartments
  • School & Educational Greenhouses
  • Commercial Greenhouse Systems and Structures
  • Garden Center Greenhouse Design and Permitting
  • Floriculture Production Systems
  • Commercial Hydroponic Tomato Production Systems
  • Commercial Hydroponic NFT Lettuce Production Systems
  • Commercial Hydroponic Raft Production Systems
  • Greenhouse Irrigation and Fertigation Systems
  • Structural Greenhouse Design
  • Financial Business Plans and Modeling
  • Greenhouse Computer Control
  • Greenhouse Environmental Equipment DesignSpeaking at the Greenhouse Tomato Short Course
    • ​Heating Systems including Hot Water/Steam
    • Ventilating and Cooling Systems
    • Natural Ventilation
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Evaporative Pad Systems
    • Chilled Water Systems
    • Air Conditioning
    • Fog Cooling Systems
    • Humidification/ Dehumidification Systems
    • Shade and Blackout Systems
    • Grow Light Systems
      • HID Sodium and Metal Halide
      • LED
      • Moving Rack Systems
  • Specialty Mushroom Production (Oyster, Shiitake, etc)
  • Growth Rooms and Environmental Growth Chambers
  • Nursery Mechanization
  • Public Speaking on Greenhouse Systems

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